Photographer based in Oslo, Norway but working worldwide. I’ve focused my photography around my passions of cars, sport and lifestyle. Have been working for 6 years as a photographer/filmmaker at TINGH Kommunikasjon.

- Graduated student at Norwegian School of Photography(NFFS).


Ford Europa, Norges Fotballforbund, Sony Music, Bama, Fri Flyt, TILT, XXL, Volvo, Peppes Pizza, Fjord Norway, BMW Norway, Visit Norway, Ulvang, DNX, TM Group, Aller Media, TILT, Landevei, Battery Energy Drink, Terrengsykkel, Cycling Planet, X2, UTE Magasinet and more.


Approved RPAS operator for Drone Flying and offers photography and film from the air with 4K resolution for your projects.